Adam Equipment portable precision balances

Highland® HCB Portable Precision Balance

Portable precision balance from British weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment. This small lab balance has a draft shield (except HCB 6001 model), robust construction and readability options as fine as 0.001g.  Internal calibration makes keeping Highland balances accurate easier! No need for calibration weights. Shockprotect® technology protects the balance from bumps and shock loading. RS-232 and USB outputs allow you to send weight information from the precision balance to printers or PCs (use the AdamDU software or ATP2 printer). Perfect for labs, schools and food production!

Key Specifications

Capacity options
120g - 6kg
Readability options
0.001g - 0.1g
Pan Size
120mmø (HCB 6001 145mmø)
adam equipment warranty

Features and Benefits

  • Handical® internal calibration eliminates the need for external calibration/accuracy checks with weights
  • Solid ABS plastic construction 
  • Three-point Shockprotect® technology helps prevent the precision balance from getting damaged
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces for connection to computers and printers
  • Multiple models stack for easy storage (except HCB 6001 model)
  • Security slot (for lock and cable) helps prevent theft
  • Optional hook enables below-balance weighing
  • Draft shield included with all models (except HCB 6001)
  • Parts counting optimisation automatically refines piece weight as parts are added
  • Rechargeable battery included for operation almost anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery life of up to 50 hours
  • Grade 304 stainless steel pan
  • Draft shield included with all models except HCB 6001
  • Multiple weighing units available such as g, kg and lb
  • Adjustable levelling feet help optimise setup and help you weigh more accurately
  • A 3-year warranty means quality assured for years of use.

Technical Specification & Model Options


Model Options

HCB 123120g capacity, 0.001g readability
HCB 153150g capacity, 0.005g readability
HCB 302300g capacity, 0.01g readability
HCB 602600g capacity, 0.02g readability
HCB 602H600g capacity, 0.01g readability
HCB 10021000g capacity, 0.01g readability
HCB 15021500g capacity, 0.05g readability
HCB 22022200g capacity, 0.01g readability
HCB 30013000g capacity, 0.1g readability
HCB 60016000g capacity, 0.1g readability (145mmø pan size)

General Specifications

Pan Size120mmø (HCB 6001 145mmø)
Weighing Unitsg, kg, lb, oz, lb:oz, N, GN, ct, dr, dwt, mm, ozt, T, tl.H, tl.T, tl.S
DisplayBacklit LCD with 15mm high digits


Power Supply12VDC 800mA adapter, internal rechargeable battery

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature0° to 40°C 

Product Information


Net Weight

ABS plastic


Battery life and Dimensions

Rechargeable battery life (up to)

Overall Dimensions

50 hours

174x252x150mm (HCB 6001 174x252x80mm)